You Belong To My Heart (Solamente Una Vez)

Words & Music by Dora Luz & Agustin Lara, 1941
English lyrics by Ray Gilbert
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1945 (#3)

A   A9     A  Em7 Edim  D    G   D
You be - long to   my  heart 

 D  Cdim      Em7  A7   Em7  A7
Now and for - ev - er

Em7 Em7/6 A7/9 Em      A7/9
And  our  love had its start 

G/B  A7  A7/9+5  D   G   D  A7
Not long   a  -  go

A7sus4     D    DM7        A
  We were gath - er - ing stars 

  A9    G6      A      D    Cdim       A7  Em7   A7  Em7
While a mil - lion guitars played our love song

 G/B  A7sus4  A7 
When I said  "I love you", 

Em7   A9   A     A7/9  Gdim      D     G    A
Every beat of my heart said it, too

  A  A9 A     Em7 Edim  D    G   D
'Twas a mo - ment like this - 

D  Cdim     Em7   A7   Em7  A7
Do you re - mem - ber?

Em7 Em7/6 A7/9 Em      A7/9
And your  eyes threw a kiss 

G/B   A7  A7/9+5  D
When they  met   mine.

A7sus4  D   DM7       A
 Now we own all the stars 

A9    G6      A      D   Cdim       A7    Em7   A7  Em7
And a mil - lion guitars are still play - ing

G/B    A7sus4  A7
Darling, you  are the song 

 G  G/F#   Em7 Em7sus4 Em7    A   A7 A7/9+5  D
And you'll al -  ways   be - long to   my  heart.

Like many old songs, this one has enjoyed a long and varied history. It was sung in the 1945 Disney cartoon movie "The Three Caballeros" just one year after it first charted by Phil Brito at #17 in 1944. (Hey, fellow Baby Boomers -- have you ever realized how many great songs, including classics, we were first exposed to because they were on the soundtracks of the cartoons we watched on TV?) It was later included in the film "The Gay Ranchero" where it was performed by Roy Rogers, and found its way into still another movie in 1951 when Ezio Pinza sang it in "Mr. Imperium." I'm told it showed up yet again, as recently as 2004, in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" but I managed to miss that one so I can't swear to the fact.

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