The Sheik Of Araby

Words & Music by Harry Smith, Francis Wheeler & Ted Snider, 1921
Recorded by Benny Goodman, 1937
Also recorded by Leon Redbone, 1977

D7      G6      Edim Bm7  Am7  D7
I'm the sheik of Ar - a - by;

     Am7  D9    Am7  D7 G   Bm7  Am7  D7
Your love be - longs to me.

  Bm7        Edim    Bm7-5    Am7    D7
At night when you're   a  - sleep,

    Am7  D9  Am7  Cdim   G    Fdim  Am7  D7
In - to your tent I'll creep.

    G6   Bm7-5  Edim Cdim  Am7   D7
The stars that shine  a - bove

     Am7       D7  C7  B7
Will light our way to love;

        E7       Fdim   E7  A7  Em7  A7
You'll rule this world with me,

Em7  Am7  D9 Am7 Cdim G
The sheik of Ar - a - by.

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