Only Trust Your Heart

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Benny Carter
Recorded by Dean Martin, 1957

 E   A    A9  A     A9    A
The stars may de - ceive you, 

    AM7    A  AM7   A   AM7
May van - ish and leave you;

   A6   Cdim  A6 F#m      F#m7        Bm7  Bm7-5   E7/9    
Be smart --       on - ly trust your heart.

     E7    E7sus4  E7 E7sus4  E7
The breeze  soft - ly  sigh - in' 

D9  E7    D9 E7 D9   E7
In truth may be ly - in' --

Cdim E7   Cdim E7 Bm7-5    Cdim        A6
Be  smart,         on - ly trust your heart.


E7   A    Asus4  A  Asus4  A
The warmth  of  her kiss - es 

E7  AM7  AM7sus4 AM7  AM7sus4 AM7            
May teach  you   what  bliss  is,

E7  F#7  D9 Em7 D9     F#7  Gdim    Dm  Dm+7  E7
But this is  a faith - less lover's art.

E7  E7sus4  E7   E7/6   A     A9   A  A9    A
On - ly    trust your heart, not the far light

      AM7   A   AM7  A    AM7
That comes from the star light;

   D9     Dm6 Bm7-5  E7 E7sus4   E7   E7/6   A
Be smart --          on - ly    trust your heart.

Just to help you sort through the confusion I encountered in searching this one out...I was first exposed to this title on a Diana Krall CD, and went looking for details. I found two entirely different songs, both appearing to credit the same authors. Of the two, Martin's clearly comes closer to the theme of this site.

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