Love Letters

Words & Music by Edward Heyman & Victor Young
Recorded by Ketty Lester, 1957

Instrumental Intro: C    C/B    C7/E    F    Cdim    C/G    C/E    C    G

C                               Am
Love letters straight from your heart

F           G7          C
Keep us so near while apart

F#m7-5   B7            Em7
I'm not alone  in the night

Em7-5      A7            Dm7      G7
When I can have all the love you write

C                 Am
I memorize every line

    F           G7            C      C7
And I kiss the name that you sign

F             Fm
And darling, then

        C/G                 Cdim
I read again right from the start

G                                 C     [1: F7]
Love letters straight from your heart

(Repeat second verse)

G                                 C     
Love letters straight from your heart.

(Repeat intro)

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