Let the Rest of the World Go By

Words & Music by J. Keirn Brennan & Ernest R. Ball, 1919
Recorded by Dick Haymes, 1944 (on V-disk)
Used in the soundtrack to the 1985 movie "Out of Africa"

       G    Am7      G      D       Am7      D9     
With some - one like you, a pal so good and true,
      D7            Cdim D7    G      Am7       G
I'd like to leave it all be - hind and go and find
     C   C/B    Am  Am7/G  G G/F#  E7
A place that's known  to  God a - lone,
 A7 Em7 A7 Em7  D9  Am7  D7
Just a spot to call our own. 

Cdim   G   Am7      G           D         Am7    D9
We'll find perfect peace where joys shall never cease,
     D7      Cdim      D7   Bm7-5 E7
Somewhere beneath the kind - ly  sky; 

        D7      G   Am7     G         D       Am7     D9
We'll build a sweet little nest somewhere out in the west,
    Am7      D      Am7 Cdim  D7  G 
And let the rest of the world go by.

*This chart was modified only slightly from one provided to me by a visitor, i_tutor@ameritech.net. My thanks, both for the chart itself, and for helping me forget that awful parody version.

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