It All Depends On You

Words & Music by B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown & Ray Henderson
Recorded by Dinah Shore, 1949

DM7            D6   
I can be happy, I can be sad,

DM7               D6
I can be good, or I can be bad --

 F#m7 D    Fdim     Em7  G/B  A7sus4 A7
It all de - pends on you.

Em       G+     Em7       A7
I can be lonely out in a crowd,

Em       G+     Em7        A7
I can be humble, I can be proud --

  Em7    A7       D   A7
It all depends on you.


D          DM7   D7    D6
I can save money   or spend it,

G            G6    G+5   Dm6
Go right on livin'    or end it;

E7               E9     E7            Em7   
You're to blame, honey,    for what I do.

A7 Fdim  A7  D                D6
I  know that I can be beggar, I can be king,

DM7      Am6    B7
I can be almost any old thing --

  E7     Em7  A7  D
It all depends on you.

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