Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

Words & Music by Louis Alter & Eddy De Lange
Recorded by Fats Domino, 1993

E7/6     A           D9      Cdim            A 
Do you know what it means to miss New Or - leans 

D9  AM7          C#m7-5     F#7
And miss it each night and day?

  Bm7          Dm6           A9        C#m7-5   F#7   
I know I'm not wrong -- this feeling's gettin' stronger 

    Bm        Bm7/E Dm6   E7
The longer, I stay   a - way.

E7/6  E7  A            D9        Cdim Bm7-5   E6 
Miss them moss covered vines, the tall sugar pines 

 D9  AM7           C#m7-5    F#7
Where mockin' birds used to sing;

    Bm7        Cdim      A9  C#m7-5      F#7   
And I'd like to see that lazy Mis - sis - sip - pi

D9       E7/6   A
Hurryin' into spring.


    Esus4    E7-9 Cdim  A6
The moonlight on  the  bayou, 

F#m       Esus4     E7-9 Cdim  A6
A  Creole tune that fills the air; 

Fdim E7   Bm7-5    AM7       F#m
 I  dream about Magnolias in bloom 

        B7     Cdim    E7
And I'm wishin' I was there.

E7/6 E7  A            D9     Cdim Bm7-5    A6 
 Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans 

D9    AM7            C#m7-5     F#7
When that's where you left your heart?

     Bm7              Cdim     A9     C#m7-5  F#7   
And there's something more: I miss the  one I care for 

D9          Dm6  E7      A 
More than I miss New Orleans.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, an entire city is virtually gone -- a city with one of the richest musical cultures of any in the United States. This song, in particular, takes on a whole new meaning now and evidently the sentiment rings almost universally among visitors, because it's been requested numerous times. It was recorded by many artists, perhaps most notably Louis Armstrong (at least if you measure the number of times his recording was released) but this chart owes its existence to several other artists, too, all of whose recordings I synthesized into this arrangement. That list includes Harry Connick's of 1988 and Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday's from 1947 among others.

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