After You've Gone

Words & Music by Henry Creamer & Turner Layton
Recorded by Judy Garland, 1942, in "For Me And My Gal" (See below)

FM7               Bb9
After you've gone     and left me cryin',

C  C/B        Am7  Am7/G   A7
After you've gone             there's no denyin',

D9                Bm7-5       E7
You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad,

       C         C/B    Am7      Am7/G    C   C/B  C7
You'll miss the dearest pal that you have ev - er had.

FM7                  Bb9
There'll come a time  now don't forget it 

  C      C/B     Am7   Am7/G   A7
There'll come a time               when you regret it.

 Dm    Edim  Dm7               Bb9
Some   day      when you grow lonely,

      C         C/B         E7               Am      Cdim
Your heart will break like mine and you will want me only,

C  C/B         Am7  Am7/G   Dm7              G     C
Af-ter you've gone,            after you've gone away.

(Suggested turnaround: C   C - C/B - Am7 - Am7/G - Fdim(III) - G  )

FM7            Bb9
After I'm gone,    after we break up,

C  C/B     Am7  Am7/G  A7
Af-ter I'm gone           you're gonna wake up;

D9            Bm7-5      E7
You will find you were blind

    C      C/B   Am7  Am7/G      C    C/B   C7
To let somebody come along and change your mind.

FM7             Bb9
After the years    we've been together,

C        C/B     Am7   Am7/G   A7
Through joy and tears,            all kinds of weather,

Dm   Edim  Dm7               Bb9
Some day      blue and down-hearted,

        C      C/B     E7            Am        Cdim
You'll long to be with me again back where you started,

C  C/B      Am7     Am7/G  Dm7           G     C      Fdim    C
Af-ter I'm gone,              after I'm gone away.

Introduced by Al Jolson in 1918, the song was recorded by both Sophie Tucker and Louis Armstrong in the 1920s. Benny Goodman recorded it (for the first of several times) in 1935. It was later recorded by Bing Crosby, and also by Shirley MacLaine in the 1958 film "Some Came Running."

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